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Mark has distinguished himself as a leader and relationship builder with a steadfast commitment to helping people and businesses by removing barriers to economic development. He uses his vast knowledge and expertise to help others achieve their business dreams across the globe.


Years Serving Georgia


Years Promoting American Businesses Globally

Global Business Leader

Business Expertise

Mark Burkhalter offers his expertise in business development and international expansion to give your company the tools it needs for success.

International Guidance

Burkhalter has a consulting firm that has been guiding businesses all over the world for many years.

Mark Burkhalter Business Development
Mark Burkhalter Global Business Leader (1)

Business Consultation

We specialize in helping businesses overcome the inevitable challenges that come up along the way.

Business Council

Burkhalter has a team that is dedicated to helping businesses expand and develop as they continue growing

Mark Burkhalter Amphitheater
Mark Burkhalter Georgia

Business Development

Mark will help you through the most crucial and influential changes in your business.

Burkhalter International Business Partners

Mark Burkhalter conducts business all around the world. From prominent locations such as the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and even the entirety of Asia, he has helped companies across the globe expand and elevate their business to new heights. His expertise, experience, and international business and political connections make Mr. Burkhalter the business partner you’ve been wishing for.

mark burkhalter global business leader

Global Business Leadership

Mark Burkhalter is here to help you grow your business with ease. He’ll handle the usual growing pains seamlessly and provide consulting services that exceed all of his client’s expectations!

Our Amazing Clients:


Mr. Burkhalter runs a consulting firm that helps provide your business with the necessary knowledge and guidance to grow.



Mark Burkhalter is a top-tier global business consultant that helps businesses of all sizes realize their full potential in the global economic marketplaces.


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